Hi fellow readers,

Market experiences in Brisbane has been upgraded to, what I'd like to announce as, the epitome of a glorious weekend.
The board has spoken. Eat Street Markets held in the Hamilton riverside area is a gem BrisVegas has been awaiting.


This weekend foodies event much spoken about is tucked behind Portside shopping/dining district.
Catering visitors with a smorgasbord of culinary goodness, the grungy, yet well thought out vibe that presented visitors was absolutely amazing.

Holding back much saliva, here is a chronological list of market food we enjoyed.
1. German Cheese Frankfurt Hotdog served with sauerkraut $7
2. Mexican themed, braised pork belly burger served with extra fries $17.50
3. Strawberry gelato (double scoop because we wouldn't have it any other way) $4
4. Coconut. Drilled a hole in the actual, real life coconut and piercing a straw through the hole omg. $5
5. Chocolate coated Cronuts since there were only four left $7
6. Bottled water $2
7. Wait for it, Dippin Dots $5

Boom. Devoured.

The $2 admission was worth the 2.5 hours we stayed on its premises.
Remember, children under the age of 12 enter free of charge. If for unfortunate reasons you are an adult, don't worry, there are some cocktails awaiting you inside that'll soon cheer you up.
I however, heavily recommend visiting Eat Street Markets after the sun dips down since it is an open roof market, and the (anticipated) hungry crowd is not going to help keep you cool.
Also, if I were you, I'd make sure to load up cash as booths at Eat Street Markets seemed to not take EFTPOS, or card payments.
Standard golden rules.
Open every Friday, and Saturday - 4PM to 10PM. Try and show up between those hours!

On another note, see for yourself, how much commotion Eat Street Markets are causing on Twitter!

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Hi fellow readers,

It has come to my attention that it is time most Australian universities are bound to commence their new semester! Heated weeks of endless exams, assessments, and tutorial work - here we come.

But before that horrific concoction of pressure and commotion, there is an annual event most Australian universities hold, which goes by the name:
Market Day

Here at the University of Queensland, students are literally pushing each other out of their ways just to get the slightest peek at society booths lined up on the lawns of the iconic Great Court.

Check out the Twitter hashtag #UQMarketDay for more information, or just to get an idea of what Market Days at university is all about.

Market Days are tailored especially for new and current students looking for a social group. Whether it is outside or within your choice of study, there are ample choices made available to you.

Just to put it out there, I signed up for a Vegetarian and Healthy Living Society (shh I'm 100% a meat and fish lover) - so you can see how random and unrestricted university societies can be.

So, if you are a prospective student, or a worried parent sending your teenager off to an Australian university, why not take the time to visit your university's Market Day.
The freebies you will receive (ranging from cool beverages to frisbees...) will easily suffice for overpriced public transport getting there!!


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Hi fellow Brissie lovers!
Has it been a tad too long since I last navigated my cursor on this page? Positive.
Had I somehow died? Negative.
So then was I, instead of resting in peace, in a destructive limbo of studies, work, volunteer work, personal matters (i.e. life)? Maybe.

But I'm back again.
Back yet again in hopes to introduce snippets of my Brisbane life that you might possibly be interested in.
From what may sound trivial, to epic events held around the city are some of the topics I'm back to cover in this blog.
Thanks to those who contributed to the 300+ hits on my last post which currently dates almost a year back...sighs.

Now let's get straight back on topic. Shall we?
Today I'm introducing a gorgeous restaurant based in South Brisbane, tucked neatly behind the State Library of Queensland:
Peel St Kitchen.
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Hi readers,

You can probably tell how excited I get when it comes to food.
Heavy "foodstagramming" is quite typical nowadays.

Burger Urge
University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus


Burger Urge is found next to the Bio Sciences Library in the University precinct, which is open for anybody to make a visit, close to the Chancellors Place Bus Stops.

The ABC Burger (Avocado, Bacon, and Chicken -DUH-) I had without the Bacon was pretty nice. Definitely give the place a try.

Remember anyone can come for a stroll down to the University; chill in the Great Court, maybe grab a coffee. Its always my greatest pleasure on a sunny day.

How have you been coping with the heat wave that seems to have reverted back to us? Yesterday night was the worst for me - tossing and turning in bed for over two hours before finally snapping out, did not work out well this morning!

Hope you are all well.


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Hey readers,

For most of the day Brisbane got quite some sunshine today. Its a great relief that the rainy season is just about to pass us by.

I visited the Parliament House for a public forum co-hosted by disaster peace organisation Peace Boat and many others.

It isn't everyday we get the chance to enter this 'sacred' premise, so I thought I'd give you an idea as to what it looks like inside.
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